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The Basic Controls

The basic controls consist of one special key combination which is used to access all of your notebooks, sections, and pages. This shortcut is control+shift+N. The other controls are standardized to JAWS key combinations but some of those keys perform different things.

The following keys help you navigate through notes

The Menu System

The menu system is accessed with control+shift+N. In this menu system, you can select your notebooks, sections, and pages that you want to view. If you do not have a notebook, and you press the shortcut, it will automatically prompt you to type in a new name for the notebook. This is the same when you select a section that does not have a page.
In these menus, after your selections, you have four options to choose which directly affect the menu items. They are create new, rename, delete, and export. Note; you may only export pages. The other options if you select one of them will bring up another menu containing your previous selections on which item you would like to perform the function on.
If you select create new, it will show a dialogue box to type in the name of the new item. Once you name it and hit enter, it will show in your new list. If you select rename, it will bring up a list of the items you wish to rename and you select which item you want to rename. A dialogue box will appear after that for what you wish to rename that item.
If you choose the delete option, a dialogue list will appear asking you what you would like to delete. Sections and pages are automatically deleted without recovery. You can not undo this action. If you delete a notebook, it only removes the notebook from your list but the files are still present in your my documents folder which you can open again at a later date if you wish. After you delete an item, the menus close.
Exporting pages is the last part of the menus and it will bring up a list of selections on which item you wish to export. After you make your selection, it will ask you what format you wish to export to.
The formats available are Microsoft Word document, HTML document, PDF format, and plain text in the virutal viewer which you can copy the text and past it into another location. At any time in the menu system, you may hit escape and abort all menu options.

The other menus are the ribbon menus. You can access these at any time with the alt key. Then you can arrow and hit space on selections.

OneNote Blind Audio Demo

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